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Dear Me

August 21, 2013 by rwilson

Dear Me,
Its time that you got your shit together again. Its time that you stop letting food rule you and you be in control.

I’ve set everything up for tomorrow. There’s fresh food and cooked omelettes waiting for you to eat so no excuse to run out and get whatever your craving. Eat the damn food you cooked it cost money and we don’t have any to waste!

Tomorrow morning you will wake up and dance your little heart out along with your Zumba game and drink lots of water. NO POP or JUICE water. The stuff that keeps you hydrated and feeling great. No empty calories in water so thats a bonus.

This isn’t about the number on the scale or the doctors telling you you need to lose weight. This is about you and only you. Sure if I lose weight my children and hubby will benefit from it but this truly has to be about me this time. No excuses no fad diets or gimmicks just real food and real results. It’s time to be the best person I can be starting right now. Not next week or on monday or even tomorrow. It starts now!

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  1. That is right, don’t wait until Monday or some other random day. My “tomorrow” never seems to come. I like the idea of being the best person I can be too!

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